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Belle Delphine Mugshot Long Sleeve Shirt

$ 34
The legends of old tell a tale to astound
When a creature was robbed from an eGirl renowned.
A hamster it was, and a story was spun,
That a friend of hers took it, for clout or for fun.
Our eGirl was betrayed by her Judas Iscariot.
So our heroine follied her former friend's chariot.
Graffiti and Pepe etched on its facade,
But then again maybe it was just tax fraud.

Inspired by Belle Delphine's heroic acts to save her hamster from an egirl thot. Showing an original pencil illustration based on her infamous mugshot.

• 100% Ring-Spun Cotton for a comfy, long-lasting garment
• Individually Printed for a high-quality, durable print
• Long sleeve shirt because baby, it's cold outside
• Forever Free Shipping™ because that's how we roll

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