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Saucer Boss /ˈsôsər bôs/ (n) - Any person made from star stuff that likes to laugh.

Location - Los Angeles, CA

Company Intel - Saucer Boss is a carbon-neutral, humor based apparel company. We create high-quality, funny, often-weird t-shirts and accessories for humans (and other life-forms) that are uncommonly soft and still long-lasting. All of our product is designed and manufactured in the US.

Mission Objectives -

    ★ High-quality materials, hand-drawn designs, and latest printing technology

    ★ Stellar customer support

    ★ Help Humans - We financially support organizations that help small humans (TWR, FtC, DTFfA and more)

    ★ Have a net zero carbon footprint

    ★ Be like, funny, idk

Hopefully something from our brand makes you laugh through your nose, which is a high honor from our young, technology-adept online customers.

Agent Dossier - All joking aside, we aren't actually an Illuminati-funded psyops corporation. We are Patrick and Gabe, a couple of friends with a history in business and a shared sense-of-humor. Gabe is the designer and has the vision (although if you ask him "Why Saucer Boss?" he will only answer "It sounded better than Chonky Donks." Patrick handles logistics; he has the tools businesses need and the electrolyte plants crave. What?


-- End transmission --